Father of Industrial Design

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A protege of Owen Jones, Christopher Dresser was established as the role model for the modern industrial and product designer. An energetic and prolific genius, he produced original designs for an amazing variety of items and mediums including: wall decorations, textiles and fabrics, ceramic tiles, porcelain, tableware, furniture, metalwork, art glass, enamel work, ornament, and architectural designs. The first two volumes in the Father of Industrial Design features two of his best works: The Art of Decorative Design and Studies in Design.

Each CD features the entire text and artwork from the titled work. The book is presented in a specially designed Acrobat browser which enables the reader to move seamlessly between text and art with a click of the mouse. Individual patterns can be loaded into Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, or Expression at the push of a button. The browsers also feature a visual index and on-line help. The color plates, scanned from the original manuscripts at 300 dpi, are encoded as JPEG bitmaps. Eighty patterns from each work have been redrawn as precision AliveArt!(r) EPS vector files. These can be viewed in line work mode and exhibit clean joints, no patches, and a minimum of control points. Available in both in color and black & white (Illustrator EPS versions 3 and 5), they can be trapped or scaled without revealing flaws. All patterns are royalty free. The Father of Industrial Design features a specially commissioned essay by Stuart Durant, a world authority on Dresser and 19th century design. Also included is a treasure trove of historic documents about Christopher Dresser and his times. Finally, the browsers include web links to a special selection of related design sites.

Intended for graphic artists, computer artists, 3-D modelers, desktop publishers, educators, and book fanciers, the CDs will run on PC's under Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95 and NT; and on Macs and Power Macs under System 7.1 or later. The Father of Industrial Design CDs list for $79 each or $99 for the set.

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System Compatibility: Hybrid Mac HFS/ISO CD-ROM.
Runs on any 68040 M ac or Power Macintosh under System 7.1 or later.
Runs on any 486 or Pentium PC under Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, & NT3.51 & 4.0

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