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Direct Imagination announces the release of Owen Jones' famous "Grammar of Ornament" on CD-ROM as a source of high quality, royalty-free pattern art for desktop publishing, web publishing, commercial graphics and home crafts. Published in 1856 (Day and Son, London), The Grammar is one of the most sought after and influential works on ornamental design ever published. Hailed as the "Masterpiece of all Chromolithographic books", it was produced on 600 hand-etched stone plates, and took 5 people over a year to complete. It contains over 2,300 beautiful patterns from cultures and epochs throughout history, including Oceana, Egypt, Assyria, Greece, Pompeii, Rome, Arabia, the Moors, Persia, India, Hindoo, China, the Renaissance, Italy, and the Celts. Many of its designs were taken from ancient monuments that are no longer extant. It had a profound effect on the Arts and Crafts movement and on the designs of William Morris, Louis Sullivan, and Frank Lloyd Wright. For over 100 years it was used at Universities from Oxford to Stanford to teach art, ornamental design, and mathematical principals. Forgotten after the end of the Second World War, this great source of art is now available in electronic format.

The CD contains the entire text from the original Owen Jones, Grammar, 2,300 patterns, a color pattern manual, a specially commissioned illustrated introduction by 3 noted scholars, an applications section, and AliveArt!(r). AliveArt! is a collection of 160 patterns from the Grammar that have been redrawn in Postscript(r) and are intended for graphically intensive applications. Each pattern is perfect, and can be scaled to any size without loss of quality or mis-registration. The color patterns can be trapped without flaws and do not require custom colors for printing. Each design is available in 4 formats: Color, Gray Scale, Black & White, and Line drawing. AliveArt! patterns are also presented in a book-like browser, with a visual index, on-line help, and buttons for launching drawing and photo editing programs (Freehand, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.). For ease of use, all patterns and AliveArt! designs are available both through the browsers and as separate files. The text and art are presented with intuitive, book-like browsers that are connected by 26,000 context sensitive hyper-links. The user can move seamlessly between text and art with a click of the mouse and both browsers contain visual indexes, as well as on-line help.

20 Chapters of Designs from Around the World.

112 Full Color Plates (This page shows only 10)

2300 Hi-Res Images , 24-bit RGB color.

All Copyright & Royalty-Free, ready to use art

Printed pictorial guide in full color.
On-line help with examples.

Interactive demos. Quicktime Morph Movie.

15,000 hypertext links.

Easy to use book format using award-winning Adobe Acrobat.

Introductions by noted scholars.
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