As you may already know all commercial art is related to the computer in one way or another. Direct Imagination's design library can be an important resource for your imagery. Here is a list of graphic ideas from 3M,
  • Corporate identity
  • Fleet Graphics
  • Outdoor Advertizing
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Directional Signing
  • Window Backdrops
  • Hospital Graphics
  • Window Display
  • Bus Graphics
  • Safety and I.D. Markings
  • Indoor Display
  • School Graphics
  • Large Format Printing
  • Props
  • Wall Murals
  • Museum Graphics
  • Ceiling Graphics
  • Train Graphics
  • Office Partitions
  • Seasonal Decor
  • Faux Glass Etchings
  • Thatrical Sets and Flats
  • Pillar Graphics
  • Event Stages and Banners
  • Giant Shopping Bags
  • Airport Graphics
These examples and more can be viewed on the Grammar of Ornament CD's. They were created using Photoshop, compositing designs from the CD with photographs of various products. The medallion comes from the same design as the one on Freebies page. The words were created in Illustrator, dropped in on a filtered image of the original design. For questions or comments talk with Cha-Rie at the Direct Imagination. Cha-Rie is the major force behind all of the art of the company. She is an illustrator with experience in both natural media and electronic software and is available to work on your project on a consulting basis.

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