Illustration by Jenny Lens
The botanical motifs of Christopher Dresser inspired this work. Using Photoshop and Painter she created layers of textures. For more information please contact Jenny Lens at
Illustration by Jonathan
Jonathan, 9 years old, did this with Bryce.
If you have questions on Bryce consult Susan Kitchen's book or see her page,
Illustration by Roxanne
Both flower images above come from the same design from Christopher Dresser's Art of Decorative Design and transformed in Bryce. Take the original EPS and change it to Pict format, if using a Mac, tiff format if using Windows. In the Bryce Terrain editor, bring it in as a Grayscale-to-Height terraine. In the Materials editor apply the bump map as the same material so that the color map matches the terrain. Roxanne used lots of transparencies (about 50) to create the depth and interesting textures.

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