This is a stained glass designs from our CD, Art NouveauFlowers and Plants. There are many stained glass designs in this CD.
Here Are Three Glass Projects To Try
1. Try printing the design on a clear Window Cling Inkjet Film with Adhesive. Then adhere it to a piece of Stained Glass. The result will amaze you.

2. If you can get supplies for the Stained Glass Overlay process, use a vinyle cutting machine to cut the "glass" pieces. The lead comes with an adhesive back for easy application.

3. Sand-blast glass with ease and professional results. If you have a vinyle cutting machine use our precision eps vector drawings to cut out the design. Weed out the pieces that you want to sandblast. Use an air eraser. (Pasche sells one, plus cutting compound for $55.00.) Sand blast untill glass is frosted. Use a mask over your nose, It gets dirty. Symbol Graphics sells a system of vinyle cutting for less than $2,000. It uses a PC on Windows 95. Ask if their software works on a Mac yet. Their phone # is 909 736-4040, fax 909 737 0652, E-Mail: Larry Jenkins

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