Set Design by

Julia Zheng
Assistant Professor
Department of Drama
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

The attached files came from my computer-assisted design portfolio--a theatre production King Stag by Carlo Gozzi, adapted and directed by Stanley Longman. This production was produced at The University of Georgia in April, 1998.
The computer software that I employed for this production was Grammar of Ornament from Direct Imagination. I have found Grammar of Ornament is a good quality, easy to use software for theatre design. My experience of employing this software for my design work of King Stag was great. It helped me to come up with a good design for King Stag in the midst of the busy production schedule. I would have had trouble to finish my work by the deadline if without employing this handy software.
I think, from my computer-aided design experience, that computer aided design is the new technology which characterizes the approach to the graphics field in the 1990s. This new technology is being explored by theatre designers, and has been applied to theatre scenery, costume and lighting designs. The computer science revolution will have a great impact on theatre design in the near future. Therefore, I welcome more good software such as Grammar of Ornament for theatre designers.

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